Power Hydraulik

POWER-HYDRAULIK – Precision power

The hydraulic manifold is the heart of every hydraulic control unit. Due to its box-like shape, people seldom perceive how intricate the interior of this unit really is. With a block weighing 350 kg, a good 50 kg of material can easily be drilled out.

The ability to manufacture blocks of this kind to the required standard of quality within short timescales and at competitive prices is an indispensable core competence of POWER-HYDRAULIK. In this area, the company has consistently invested in state-of-the-art production technology. Machining is performed on two high-performance machining centers that are loaded fully automatically with production orders via the encapsulated material and pallet store on the FASTEMS system. The required NC data records are generated directly from the CAD design data. Additional CAM functions generate specifications and setting data for the tools required in each instance. The two machining centers are operated unmanned and round the clock, assuring maximum productivity and therefore optimum costs, even on the tiniest of production batch sizes. On request, control blocks can also be designed and delivered comprehensively equipped with screw-in and surface-mount valves. At component level, we have been working with the same partners for many years.

Our in-house electronics department devises and plans electronic controllers and control elements such as joysticks. These can be designed individually and supplied to a high level of protection category.

Gear flow dividers constitute another type of core product and our customers have been using these for more than 30 years. They split the inlet flow into several identical or proportional outlet displacement flows. Gear flow dividers are characterized by their robust build properties and they can be combined with control blocks. Furthermore, they are type-approved for use in the automotive industry.

The product range is complemented by a modular set of compact and oil-immersed units. This SME with about 70 employees supplies industrial customers in many sectors with complete hydraulic control units, each precisely designed to suit each specific application. Those sectors include the machine tool industry, the world of construction, the technologies associated with environmental, municipal and waste disposal services, and the farming sector.