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If you are looking for in-depth competence and many years of experience in the production of complex manifolds, you are sure to encounter POWER-HYDRAULIK in that search. Since 1977 we have been living and breathing high-quality manifolds, prototypes and complete systems consisting of a manifold, valve technology and an electronic control unit. Our customers include blue-chip companies in the following sectors: Agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, municipal technology, conveyor technology and stationary machinery.

The POWER-HYDRAULIK product range is complemented perfectly by compact units as well as by gear flow dividers. It is no problem to combine these with manifolds to meet specific requirements.

What do you get from our POWER? You certainly do not get one-size-fits-all manifolds. Instead, all of our hydraulic systems are matched to the requirements you discussed and agreed with ourselves.  You benefit from our experienced team of problem solvers, who accompany you from design through to prototype production, then on to assembly and on-site fine-tuning. That enables you to concentrate on what you do best. We take care of everything else - for bespoke, made-to-measure manifold systems.






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The whole of our corporate strategy is based upon the principle that our product range, production processes and services must be customer-facing and fit for the future. With comprehensive expertise, many years of experience and in-depth problem-solving competence, we generate sustainable added value for our customers. The ongoing further development of our product range does not follow any short-lived trends. Instead, it is founded upon the specific requirements of our customers. We are also committed to enduring employee satisfaction - for people who are happy to share and live by our values. We stand by that. And we also work towards that every day.


is the key

As a family-run SME, our autonomy is of central importance to us. This applies in respect of suppliers, business partners and banks: We go our own way to generate healthy growth based upon a clear strategy, sensible business practices and calculable levels of risk. That was so, it is so now, and it shall always remain so. This independent status is a keystone in our sustainable success. Something from which our customers benefit through dependable partnership, as well as our employees through secure jobs.


The shortest way to the perfect manifold

The development and production of high-quality manifolds involves pure high-tech. That is what we do. From CAD design for powerful CNC machining centers to deep-hole drilling from blocks of aluminum, cast iron or steel through to surface treatment, deburring and cleaning. All to enable you to hit the ground running.


Reasons for choosing



With an edge length of up to 1000 mm, and up to 1 ton in weight.



Consisting of manifold, valve technology & electronic control unit. Can also be combined with units and flow dividers.



For specific requirements including the building of prototypes.

A one-stop


For design, production, assembly and programming.


Milestones for the
hydraulic control unit