Flow dividers

The hydraulic solution for the supply of several consumers

With gear flow dividers from POWER-HYDRAULIK, volumetric flow rates of 2 to 400 liters per minute can be split into 2 through max. 12 flows of equal size, or into proportional flow rates. Their specialist design means that, in 90% of applications, there is no need for additional pressure relief valves. Flow dividers can also be used to transmit pressure across individual hydraulic circuits.

Perfectly synchronous cylinder
operation is guaranteed

The main field of application for flow dividers involves assuring the synchronous movement of several cylinders or the supply of several consumers. Typical applications include pallet changers where pallets are raised and lowered for automatic loading and removal, or Cargo Loaders for raising and lowering a platform.

Here is a summary of the
highlights of our flow dividers:

  • 2-12 sub-flows
  • Approx. 2-400 l/min (depending on layout)
  • Max. 210 bar
  • High-pressure series, 240 bar at 13-170 L/min
  • Low initial pressure and/or pressure loss
  • Pressure fail-safes can be supplied for each range of flow dividers, also with re-suction valves
  • Approval for use in the automotive industry
  • Long service life achieved through use of needle bearings and zero axial compensation
  • Easy to integrate in complete systems
  • Modifications are possible: Proportional, motor-pump unit, manifolds can be integrated
  • Modular design
  • Short delivery lead time due to comprehensive inventory
  • Fully tested on our own test rig